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I am raising money to support the Stepping Out 4 Hope: Liberia Project ($27,000)

Our mission is to travel to different countries around the world and give people the opportunity to live a full and healthy life! Our goal is to raise $27,000 to fund the building of a school and supply it with necessary school supplies. With the help of your donations and sponsors, we will visit the school in the fall, where we will bring over computers and supplies, as well as oversee the school progress and assure the building is on track!


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My Goal: $27000

Total Donations: $24,790.00

Stepping Out 4 Hope: Liberia Project ($27,000)

  Katie Wagner                        Ally Dunn                     Carly Foreman


Working alongside a nonprofit organization, Water For Our World, and through the connections they have, our first project  will be for the funding of a school in Liberia, Africa. In Africa many of the problems begin with a lack of education and basic educational knowledge. In a village WFOW has worked with before, the 500 person community used to spend 6 hours a day walking to get water. By the time they came home it would be time to eat and go to bed, only to wake up and do the same tedious task once again. Last year WFOW funded a well for this village and not only is it a close walk to fetch water now for everyone in the community, but it is not contaminated and much safer to drink, especially for the infants and children with weaker immune systems.


Having received the gift of clean water, we are hoping to now fund a school for the village. With the new found free time, not having to walk all day for water, we want to provide the youth with the opportunity to learn, and help them grow as a community. Water helps save lives, and the gift of education and knowledge helps give their life a greater meaning while opening doors to many opportunities.   

For more info about Stepping Out 4 Hope and updates on upcoming events visit our website, www.steppingout4hope.com !







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